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Transforming land and landscapes

We coined the idea of revegetation landscaping as many clients need to satisfy multiple outcomes via one service – like improving their existing growing mediums; sourcing materials including tailored seed selections; accessing diverse application methods; and ensuring compliant, sometimes aesthetically designed, results. When land is degraded and needing rehabilitation, the role of experienced, skilled specialists only deepens. Our services span soil amelioration; hydraulic, blower and matting applications; and turfing and planting delivered by our trained team and specialised equipment, including a fleet of five hydroseeders. Clients include major infrastructure projects, mine operations, subdivisions, renewable energy projects and more. Our capabilities in compliance, monitoring and reporting provide further surety of sustainable results with competitive pricing.

  • Turfing
  • Planting
  • Irrigation
  • Top soiling and fertilising
  • Landscaping
  • Soil amelioration
  • Erosion control
  • Haymulching
  • Hydroseeding
  • Hydromulching
  • Hydro organics blankets
  • Monitoring and maintenance
  • Seeding (mechanical, aerial, Hotpods®)

Competitive pricing

Benefits such as our specialist experience, in-house skilled team and significant fleet of revegetation landscaping plant and equipment drive cost-competitive services

End-to-end solutions

Incorporating services such as earthworks, product supply and mobile screening, we offer self-sufficient solutions with the capacity to take on large-scale projects statewide

Specification skill

Our team is skilled in working to strict compliance and specification requirements and regularly works with clients to help them design and deliver solutions geared to meet their obligations

real results

Efficient, effective and tailored

Vereco brings more than 35 years of experience in revegetation landscaping and rehabilitation. We offer recommendations and revegetation scoping documents particularly where site requirements can be met via a range of solutions. This includes everything from simple turfing projects to significant land regeneration and revegetation schemes, aligned to our clients’ environmental plans and objectives. Our services include soil sampling, analysis and recommendations; seed selection and sourcing; guidance on, and delivery of, best-practice application methods and rates; and post-care advice, monitoring and reporting. Our team’s knowledge of erosion and sediment control solutions provides further assurance that services will cover all environmental commitments.

large-scale projects in the last 10 years
hectares of land revegetated and counting

Turfing, planting and erosion control

Our team provides quick results for turfing, planting and other erosion control projects including kerbs, drains and channelling edges; large sports fields and parks; infrastructure batters; creek diversions and many more site contexts and requirements. This includes hand and mechanical planting methods, often integrated with solutions such as irrigation design and erosion control matting, to deliver immediate erosion control and sustainable landscaping in one service. Our team’s experience means that clients gain the advantages of time and cost savings. In addition, our wider revegetation services connect clients with additional value such as species selection advice through to aftercare maintenance.

Hydraulic revegetation landscaping

We can take a client’s project from soil and site preparation, through to seeding, establishment and monitoring, supported by ongoing maintenance when required. A revegetation project is only as successful as the soil media available and that’s why we typically start by rejuvenating planting media using scientific analysis and expert amelioration tailored to a given site for predictable growth. From there, some of our most popular services include hydroseeding, hydromulching and hydro organics blankets. Each offers the ability to cover vast areas quickly while delivering critical outcomes such as immediate erosion control and reliable germination, specific to the landscaping and revegetation results desired.

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