Various civil contractors
site size


  • Mobile screening, crushing and grinding
  • Bulk organic and other landscape supply
  • Revegetation landscaping and rehabilitation

Mackay Isaac Whitsunday

Over a three-year period, our team supported a number of civil contractors to deliver works for the Australian Singapore Military Training Initiative (ASMTI), expanding the Shoalwater Bay training area.

We were engaged as part of upgrades on the facility’s roads, camp accommodation and supporting infrastructure and became the revegetation landscaper of choice for the project, working on all precincts for multiple contractors.

Our services included more than 70ha of hydromulching, organics blanket installation, thousands of cubic metres of soil screening, installation of matting, landscaping of bio-basins and installation of thousands of plants. Works had to conform to strict environmental regulations and safety standards with multiple levels of governance over a geographically significant site.

Our team successfully completed all aspects of our scope, prioritising effective communication throughout delivery, self-performing activities such as bulk haulage and material handling to improve program certainty, and ensuring rigour in our environmental procedures.

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