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Supporting a circular economy

Through our Mackay facility, we receive select waste streams including organics, concrete and palettes. These come from local council waste collections, as well as garden maintenance, tree lopping, landscaping, construction and demolition companies. Our service is efficient, hassle-free and geared for everything from panel or contract services through to one-off deposits. From there, a circular economy is fuelled as we convert these waste streams into reusable products, including our high-grade composts and other landscaping and construction materials. A key feature of our recycling service is our ability to convert waste into materials that conform to specific targets and specifications, backed by diligent quality control. When done right, everyone wins.

  • Green waste recycling
  • Pallet recycling
  • Timber waste recycling
  • Concrete recycling
  • Soil recycling
  • Organics processing
  • Beneficial reuse product manufacturing

Efficient facility

Our recycling facility is tailored to receiving and beneficially reusing specific waste streams, supported by our team’s wider expertise in waste facility management

Hassle-free solution

We pride ourselves on genuine efficiency and customer service with the goal of ensuring individuals, contractors and major waste collectors alike can quickly and easily deposit waste

Local commitment

We are a longstanding part of the Mackay community and committed to the quality of services, support, jobs and economic investment we make in our region

real results

Maximising reuse

Vereco’s recycling services are based out of our facility located on Talty Road. We are licensed to accept multiple organic waste streams such as green waste, pallets, untreated timber, concrete and soil. We receive Mackay’s green waste via a local council contract and can receive private-sector green waste alongside construction and demolition waste.

major beneficial reuse product categories
years in Mackay

Through our Mackay facility, we accept the following clean organic and other waste streams:

  • Green waste including oversized
  • Pallets
  • Untreated timber waste
  • Concrete (with/without steel)
  • Soil.

If your waste is not listed, please contact our team to explore options.

Waste streams are converted into high-grade recycled products designed to Australian Standards. Many are further refined to meet tailored specifications.
Our in-house manufactured range includes:

  • Composts
  • Soil ameliorants
  • Soils
  • Mulches
  • Aggregates
  • Sand
  • Gravel and road bases

Mackay Recycling Facility

Opening hours
Monday to Friday – 7am-5pm
Saturday – 7am-2pm
Public holidays – phone for trading hours

The weighbridge facility is available to the public on weekends. It can be used for weighing your caravan, trailer, boat or vehicle. To comply with trade measurement requirements, you may require a gross only, tare only or net weight transaction, which we can provide for a fee.

Contact our team to book your weigh-in.

Weighbridge location
59 Talty Road, Foulden QLD 4740

Weighbridge specifications
20m x 3.5m – gross weight capacity of 60 tonnes

Book in your weighbridge appointment
59 Talty Road, Foulden QLD 4740

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