Fergus Builders
site size

School precinct

  • Recyclable waste receiving
  • Bulk haulage and earthworks
  • Bulk organic and other landscape supply
  • Revegetation landscaping and rehabilitation

Mackay Isaac Whitsunday

Fergus Builders was contracted to deliver a school precinct project. Our team provided bulk earthworks and pavement services for the school expansion as well as the supply of recycled concrete roadbase and landscape materials. In addition to supporting their site establishment scope, we also delivered provisions for a hardstand area for dongers and site facilities.

Some of the challenges we addressed included excavating unsuitable materials and striping soil to expose ground conditions for repair. Our team efficiently replaced unsuitable with selected fill for the building pads so that construction works could continue and support timely overall project delivery.

We are proud of the great working relationship we established with Fergus’ team, completing our scope on time and to their satisfaction.

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