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Our team has decades of experience in delivering landscaping outcomes including small through to large-scale turfing, planting and matting solutions. We are well-equipped to provide a full service including plant and other material supply, schedule and method design, installation, and aftercare advice, maintenance and monitoring. Complementary services, such as irrigation design and installation, further ensure a complete outcome for clients.

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Our team can provide quick results for any turfing project. Our experience includes kerbs, drains and channelling edges in new developments and infrastructure projects; large sports fields and parks; and other industrial landscaping projects.

Turf offers the fastest aesthetic result for projects while also providing instant erosion control. It delivers an attractive finish to any site from a team that is known for our efficient laying of turf, which further minimises costs and time. Our service starts well before installation, including guidance around grass selection and irrigation, and provides value after installation, such as aftercare maintenance.


We offer planting solutions that range from manual hand planting through to mass revegetation including direct seeding via tractors. This includes tube stock planting, where selected species are required. Seed can be located under the soil surface or on top of the soil, depending on the species selection and soil type. The seeding method is determined by factors such as terrain and accessibility, the area to be covered, the quality of site preparation and safety considerations. We are intentionally not tied to specific products or providers, giving us the flexibility to provide precise advice to our clients on the approach that will best meet your needs.

Erosion control matting

Erosion control solutions are diverse in their delivery profiles and results. Our team is skilled in the delivery of erosion control via our hydromulching, hydroseeding and other hydraulic services, alongside a range of proven matting solutions. We are not a biased contractor. We use a range of products and suppliers and evaluate the benefits of relevant options per project, giving clients true independent advice.

Jute matting is one example. It is an organic geotextile that supports weed and erosion control. It offers an environmentally friendly way to protect young trees and shrubs. Because jute matting allows air and water to pass unimpeded, the soil beneath it can breathe, promoting plant growth while reducing evaporation and minimising watering. Another option is coir mesh, which is a fibre matting made from 100% natural coconut fibre that is spun and woven into matting available in various grades. Coir mesh is an open weave geotextile that is fully biodegradable, adding organic matter to the soil. As coir is an abundant and renewable resource, there are various products widely used in civil engineering and for land and slope stabilisation applications. When vegetated, it has the mechanical strength to hold soil in place and prevent erosion and is known to have double the life of jute. These are just two of many products able to deliver rapid, effective erosion control.

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