The speed and reliability of our large-scale revegetation landscaping, earthworks and organics supply services have provided developers and their contractors with competitive wins. Whether objectives are short-term erosion and sediment control through to lasting revegetation, we offer a breadth of environmental services specific to a project’s requirements. This includes residential and industrial subdivisions, streetscapes, bio-basins, large properties and more.

Developers and contractors reflect on the benefits they gain from accessing a complete solution via one provider. These include faster start times, better program surety, greater competitiveness in pricing and improved quality control.

Hydroseeding can cover up to

10 hectares

per day

Vereco’s advantages for development clients

  • One-stop shop services
  • Proven skill with local specifications
  • Fast delivery methods
  • Quality finishing
  • In-house supplied materials

Our team is adept at working with specifications and understands the requirements of meeting local government standards. Our extensive quality assurance processes give added confidence that our work will stand up to scrutiny. In addition, because we embed our familiarity with specifications into our ways of working, clients access this capability at no additional cost.

Across all of our services, we offer fast delivery methods. For developers and contractors, our landscaping revegetation services in particular provide extremely fast outcomes – delivering up to 2 hectares per day for hydromulching and up to 10 hectares per day for hydroseeding. From soil stabilisation through to quick groundcover and early growth, we help project teams rapidly achieve their objectives.

Depending on the requirements and lifecycle stage of a development project, quality finishing is often a high value. Our team’s work achieves mass delivery results with a landscaped finish. We pride ourselves on delivering to the aesthetic clients need.

Supplying our in-house manufactured materials, such as composts and soils, gives added program and budget assurance to clients. These products are known to meet the highest quality performance standards for large-scale supply requirements, produced at our Mackay facility. For developers and contractors, it offers the best of cost savings, program assurance and quality reliability.

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