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Lasting revegetation outcomes

Revegetation projects start by considering the available soil media and the amelioration that may become the difference between revegetation success and failure. Our team’s expertise and passion for soil amelioration and revegetation provide the support needed to deliver lasting outcomes. In addition to our team of technical and operational specialists, Vereco has the largest fleet of hydroseeders in Queensland and a large range of diverse equipment to support project delivery. Our track record spans thousands of projects. Importantly, we are not a biased contractor. We use diverse products and suppliers, and are committed to providing independent advice on the best solution for your site, project objectives, program and budget.

Greening projects

Expert, tailored services

  • Deliver site-specific engineering
  • Improve conditions for vegetation
  • Improve moisture retention
  • Ensure tailored seed mixes
  • Achieve cost-effective mass results
  • Enjoy reduced fleet costs
  • Access flexible methods for hard-to-reach areas
  • Improve safety during delivery
  • Gain effective erosion control
  • Enable optimal strike rates in harsh conditions
  • Learn from proven results across diverse sites

Soil amelioration

Revegetation projects are only as successful as the quality of in-situ or imported soil media available. Soil amelioration can be the critical factor that influences that quality. With the right level of testing and product supply, we help clients reverse degraded soil.

Soil amelioration programs vary depending on the nature and condition of existing soil. The key is early engagement and understanding your end-use objectives to design the right approach. In-situ soil amelioration addresses weakened subsoil or poor-quality top soil in its final location. It is commonly used for batters on infrastructure and development projects through to mine, renewable and other industrial project sites but can also be used as a nutrient top-up for grasses, shrubs or trees. Mobile soil amelioration strips soil from the final location and moves it for ‘off site’ amelioration. This can be returned to the site or reused elsewhere. Vereco offers the science-based expertise and experience to guide the approach taken.


Hydromulch is a customised blend of organic fibre, tackifier, ameliorants, bio-stimulants, seed, fertiliser and water that is sprayed onto a prepared surface. It forms a matrix that seals the surface from erosion and protects the seed. It is an excellent solution for fast, mass revegetation designed to suit requirements, soil conditions and climate. Ultimate landscape objectives are readily achieved by tailoring the seed mix – from grass species for cost-effective, quality ground cover, through to native species for growth that blends with the surrounding environment. Hydromulching offers outstanding consistency and can be delivered with impressive efficiency of up to 2 hectares per day. The use of hydroseeders also overcomes the challenges of hard-to-reach terrain.

Hydro organics blankets

Hydro organics blankets offer fully biodegradable growth media, soil stabilisers and conditioners in one solution. They deliver a quick bond with the soil surface to create erosion control and growing media in one product. Each organics blanket is tailored per site, using soil science and experience, to deliver sustainable results. Hydro organics blankets act as a top soil or growing media replacement for steep cut and fill batters through to degraded, flat terrain. This includes sites needing a top-soil-free solution, such as steep rocky batters and compacted fill batters. Using soil science, each hydro organics blend is tailored to contain the organic matter and specialist amelioration needed to rejuvenate subsoil and promote growth specific to each site. Our team pioneered hydro organics blankets in Australia and is responsible for delivering the largest known area of hydraulically applied organics blankets nation-wide.

As hydro organics blankets are surface treatments, we actively recommend subsoil testing to determine what’s needed to first prime the subsoil. This is vital to increasing the success of your organics blanket and reducing risk by revealing unknown soil parameters at the start.

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