Our management systems are certified in line with ISO 45001 Safety, ISO 14001 Environment and ISO 9001 Quality. Paired with our cultural commitment to open, transparent relationships, we offer the right framework for commitments to be turned into action.

In health and safety, our team has the training and experience to tackle projects in challenging locations with full compliance to regulatory and site requirements. More broadly, we also emphasise health and safety in our culture, holding each other accountable for the behaviours we demonstrate with clients and within our team.

Environmental management is at the heart of everything we do. We seek to ensure the work we deliver, and the way we deliver it, upholds environmental protection, restoration and enhancement where possible. Basic requirements such as dust suppression and fleet controls, through to advanced requirements such as soil amelioration and land rehabilitation, are designed and delivered through the lens of immediate and long-term outcomes.

We are proud that our quality assurance standards demonstrate a highly evolved, detailed approach. We have applied quality assurance rigour to every activity we perform, while maintaining our ability to tailor our approach to meet client and regulatory requirements. Importantly, our quality assurance model and individual methods – such as inspection and test plans, and audits – are transparent and designed to satisfy the diverse needs of infrastructure, resources, development, renewables, horticulture and agriculture, and government projects. This includes taking ownership of the activities delivered by our network of partners when they provide specialist support.

lasting value

Real sustainability

When we repair scars on the earth, we do it in green – nature’s healing agent. Vereco’s work leaves a legacy of green, good and growing in everything we do. Our work is also founded on the principle of a circular economy being the most viable economic model long term. We contribute to the recycling of specific waste streams into manufactured products – the flagship of which is our compost. This becomes the foundation of our revegetation and rehabilitation work.

The immediate success of a project matters, but you can generate early false positives when it comes to sustainability. For us, what starts strong should stay strong. That’s why our focus is long-term success. A sustainability ethos that’s real and lived is one that is deeply thoughtful about inputs, considered about outputs and measured on outcomes that last.

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