The needs and requirements of government departments across all levels of government are diverse all while sharing greater scrutiny and transparency as public services. Our team offers multiple benefits aligned to the strict requirements and stakeholder drivers of government clients.

Through one provider, departments and project teams can access our large-scale revegetation landscaping, earthworks and organics supply services including green waste recycling in the Mackay region. We offer stronger time, budget and quality performance from a team skilled in working on simple contracts such as local streetscaping through to complex projects such as major infrastructure revegetation.


years serving regional Queensland

Vereco’s advantages for government clients

  • One-stop shop services
  • Proven skill with strict specifications
  • Local content benefits
  • Strong sustainability story
  • Regional Queensland commitment

We manage diverse specifications as a norm and compliance is embedded in our quality assurance processes and wider ways of working. For government clients, we also appreciate the diversity of requirements and standards across levels of government and across various departments. We work as partners to understand priorities, ensure transparency throughout our work and meet specific requirements such as security protocols.

Vereco offers local content benefits with teams largely comprised of locals within a given region. We are also a longstanding employer in regional Queensland – one that has continually invested our growth back into the regions in which we work. Every project we deliver is an investment in our local economies via jobs and the upskilling of local workers.

Projects delivered through our team also provide wider, measurable sustainability gains to support the environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments of government. This includes demonstrating direct contribution toward specific environmental targets. For example, we transform land via services such as soil amelioration, optimise site-won material and manage complex revegetation outcomes aligned with environmental and commercial goals.

From our headquarters in Mackay, we have offices and facilities in Gladstone, the Sunshine Coast, Townsville and Humpty Doo, and work across most regions in Queensland above South East Queensland. This means our economic and social investments stay within regional Queensland and contribute to building strength within our regions.

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