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Delivering results since 1985

Vereco combines two trusted Queensland businesses – Lanyonscapes and AJK Contracting.

Founded in 1985, Lanyonscapes was a respected environmental services provider that pioneered straw blowing and hydroseeding services in Australia. Revegetation customers quickly saw how fast and effective these new methods were and the business built on this legacy, melding engineering and environmental solutions for industrial clients over decades.

AJK Contracting was founded in 1995 and similarly established a reputation for delivering trusted outcomes in areas such as civil works and product manufacturing.

Bought by the same owner in 2012 and 2022 respectively, the synergies between these companies led to them merging under the shared banner of Vereco. Bringing our capabilities together is empowering greater effectiveness and efficiency for our clients across every area of our business – which is ultimately about the success of your business.

Today, Vereco proudly supports revegetation landscaping and earthworks services, alongside organics supply, for infrastructure, resources, development and renewables projects; agriculture and horticulture enterprises; government, port and utility operations; and landscaping businesses. We believe in the quality of our offer, and the value we add to our clients’ endeavours. That’s easy to say, we know. That’s why we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our claims with evidence and action.


There’s a kind of smart that doesn’t listen and a kind that does. We’re the latter. We pride ourselves on our technical expertise and scientific approach. We look specifications and compliance requirements in the eyes – up to the task. But, most importantly, we take time to understand what our clients are dealing with and what they want to achieve. Expertise only counts when it adds value.


While we’re happy to deliver quick wins, we thrive on meeting challenges head on. Our team has a nearly nerdy passion for complexity and a proven ability for overcoming problems. We place ethics at the core. The who, how and why matter as much as the what, when and where. That’s what we call real solutions – a mindset that applies best practice to context and backs it with commitment.


It would be easy to assume that reliability is just ‘permission to play’, yet time and again we hear it isn’t always standard and isn’t always assured. You simply can’t get repeatable excellence without it. We are for quality and efficiency. We are for competitive services and products – as economically strong as they are environmentally and socially sound. We are for being the people our clients can rely on.


Some choices may not be in our control. When they are, we make decisions with the process in mind as much as the destination. Was beneficial reuse maximised? Was delivery as expected…at least? Were objectives achieved? Will outcomes go the distance? The day a job is done should come with a sense of certainty. So too should what happens next. Results start from day one. Sustainable results last a lifecycle.

We are here to help.

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