The emerging renewables industry is facing rapid growth, close attention from local communities and regulators, and often pressured rollout schedules. We have been supporting renewables projects with our large-scale revegetation landscaping, earthworks and organics supply services as the sector itself has been experiencing its own growth and evolution.

Our one-stop shop services span the widest value chain of its kind in the Queensland market, from site preparation to mass seeding and planting. With the benefits of our large team and significant fleet, we provide maximum assurance that time, budget and quality commitments will be met.

Hydroseeding can cover up to

10 hectares

per day

Vereco’s advantages for renewable energy clients

  • One-stop shop services
  • Proven skill with strict specifications
  • Fast delivery of mass revegetation
  • Cost-savings via site-won material reuse
  • In-house supplied materials

Renewables projects typically need to satisfy external stakeholders as well as diverse internal stakeholders. Coupled with strict specifications and adherence to local government approvals, there can be considerable demands placed on project delivery teams. We know how to work in these environments and take a partnering approach to help our clients meet their obligations.

Our range of revegetation landscaping solutions in particular offers fast delivery of mass revegetation results – up to 2 hectares per day for hydromulching and up to 10 hectares per day for hydroseeding as just two examples. From soil stabilisation through to quick groundcover, we help clients deliver rapid results. We also advise on plant species selection to ensure vegetation that can thrive in a given area and offer reduced maintenance requirements.

Through our mobile screening capability, we enable sites to reuse site-won material as part of their revegetation landscaping requirements. This includes on-site manufacturing of site-won material to specified quality standards. This can have significant financial benefits and offer a compelling environmental story that further complements the sustainability message at the heart of renewable projects.

Our in-house manufactured composts, soils and other materials are produced to the highest standards at our Mackay facility. This assured supply chain delivers the materials as well as the confidence needed for high-profile projects. Third-party products, such as gypsum for on-site soil amelioration, are also available through our team for a complete solution.

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