Through Vereco’s former business, Lanyonscapes, our team has been serving the infrastructure sector since 1985. Our work spans a diversity of project types and contexts including roads, rail, airports, dams, renewables, pipelines and utilities.

We offer a one-stop shop across the widest value chain for large-scale revegetation landscaping, earthworks and organics supply in the Queensland market. This heightens accountability and reduces the time and budget impacts from multiple interfaces, including our limited use of subcontractors.

We also understand the difficulties presented by common specifications in the infrastructure sector and the changing nature of their administrative demands. We are skilled at working within these requirements and helping clients overcome risk areas such as material supply, time and budget adherence, and performance criteria.

Infrastructure services

Our team has served the infrastructure sector since

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Vereco’s advantages for infrastructure clients

  • One-stop shop services
  • Proven skill with strict specifications
  • Expert guidance on alternatives
  • Solutions geared for degraded environments
  • In-house supplied materials

A prime benefit of our specialisation is that we guide clients on alternative solutions and methods, deeply understanding the risks and rewards each offer. For some, we support their optioneering from bid through to regulatory negotiations on specifications.

The quality of our in-house manufactured materials, the design of our solutions, and the implementation of the right application rates and methods each have a role to play. We not only reach objectives in degraded environments…we contribute to improving local growing media to the point of measurably rehabilitating land. Through our mobile screening capability, we further support clients in improving the condition of their soil for revegetation with the added gains of reusing site-won material.

Lastly, our in-house manufactured materials, including our composts and soils, are of the highest quality available for large-scale projects. Produced at our Mackay facility, they also provide the reliability of an assured supply chain. When project success requires budget, time and quality adherence, our manufactured products contribute additional project value.

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