Fulton Hogan
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  • Recyclable waste receiving
  • Bulk haulage and earthworks
  • Mobile screening, crushing and grinding
  • Bulk organic and other landscape supply
  • Revegetation landscaping and rehabilitation

Mackay Isaac Whitsunday

The Walkerston Bypass project is delivering 10.5km of rural highway to remove heavy traffic heading to the Bowen Basin from travel routes through the town of Walkerston. The project will conform to the landscape specifications of the Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR). Our scope includes 30,000m3 of site soil manufacture, 38ha of subsoil amelioration, 32,000 tube stock, 24ha of hydromulch and 11ha of organics blanket.

The project exemplifies the savings, efficiencies and value-adding that is achieved when clients draw on multiple services from Vereco. We are supporting the Walkerston team with:

  • Green waste recycling whereby vegetation striped from the site has been transported to Vereco for use in the manufacture of our high-grade OG36 compost
  • Bulk haulage of OG36 to site for site-manufactured top soil, alongside plant wet hire for civil construction
  • Mobile site soil manufacture to specification
  • Bulk organic supply of OG36 for the organics blanket scope and to provide amelioration for the on-site soil manufacturing process
  • Revegetation landscaping via subsoil amelioration, hydromulching and organics blanket applications.

Our team quickly built an understanding of existing site challenges such as weeds (weeds and more weeds), and rain (rain and more rain), in addition to poor soils and close project scrutiny. Our approach was to use the rain to water vegetation through simple, smart programming. Our technical team performed weed surveys and developed tactics to combat weeds. We also worked with our client to develop specific amelioration regimes for the site’s soil types.

The project is in delivery at the time of writing and the results to date have been positive.

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