We provide large-scale revegetation landscaping and earthworks services to horticulture and agriculture producers alongside organics supply – arguably the service of greatest demand in this space. Our offer is relevant to a wide range of horticulture and agriculture operators, with particular focus on horticulture providers that are managing significant produce crops.

Vereco’s OG36 compost offers outstanding quality, featuring the highest organic content on average for its category. We invest the time and inputs required to deliver the right conditions throughout the production process, achieving measurable excellence and an impressive nutrient profile. Our compost and soil amelioration services regenerate soil health, whether from a degraded status or simply ‘worn out’ land needing a boost in nutrient quality. The result is improved land productivity able to increase yields. This, in turn, provides economic value and quality advantages depending on the nature of crops under management.


organic matter in our in-house OG36 compost

Vereco’s advantages for horticulture and agriculture clients

  • Highest quality compost
  • Boost to land productivity
  • Flexible distribution methods
  • Partnering ethos
  • Subscription opportunities

Clients can access our composts, soils and other products and services via flexible distribution methods. This includes direct distribution for bulk supply through to wholesale distribution for bulka-bag supply via Elders in the Bowen Basin region. We are readily able to support orders from 1 tonne to 10,000 tonnes.

Our partnering ethos is a key component of our service. For clients focused on larger, more frequent orders, we welcome the opportunity to understand specific business and environmental drivers to ensure our contribution adds maximum value.

When we connect multiple services into a single offer, clients can further improve their supply chain and production certainty with tailored subscription options for our high-grade products. This provides further financial savings with flexibility built in.

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