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High-grade compost

Vereco’s OG36 compost is the flagship compost manufactured in-house by Vereco. It is one of the highest quality composts in Queensland, made from 100% organic materials. The compost features estimated organic matter of at least 36 per cent, giving it the nutrient profile to significantly contribute to soil amelioration and improvement.

Delivering value

Rebuilding soil health

  • Improve soil stability
  • Improve productivity
  • Strengthen vegetation growth
  • Boost plant vitality
  • Replace fertilisers
  • Drive greater value

Vereco’s composts are made from 100% recycled organic matter and are 100% locally manufactured. The feature product is our OG36 – a high-grade, mature compost, produced from green waste and biosolids using bio-beneficial bacteria and fungi and meeting the unrestricted use classification in Australia.

OG36 is known to restore soil quality, and improve soil structure, carbon and nutrient levels. It reduces nutrient and pesticide run off, and improves water retention and water-use efficiency. These are just some of the reasons why it is a staple of numerous infrastructure, resources, development and renewables projects; horticulture and agriculture enterprises; landscaping businesses and more.

As our leading compost product, manufactured in-house, we back its quality both as a supplier and as our own customer. OG36 is suitable for small and large rehabilitation projects and can be easily applied using standard spreading equipment. It can also be blended with other nutrients and have grass, shrub and tree seeds incorporated to suit revegetation goals. With quality testing against AS4454-2012 and MRTS16 – Form G 2017, it offers a high standard of assurance.

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