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On-site material reuse

Mobile material recycling can drive impressive cost-savings, deliver flexibility and enable circular economy benefits made possible by our in-house fleet of mobile plant, including screens, trommels and grinders. Sites achieve manufactured products with ease, meeting reuse objectives and unlocking wider sustainability gains. Where needed, this includes blending ameliorants and compost – available through Vereco – to conform to strict specifications, supported by initial and validation testing. The scale of our fleet, featuring the largest team of soil screeners in Queensland, can cost-effectively support high-volume work as single projects or rolling programs across the State.

  • Scripted soil screening
  • Clear and grub works
  • Mulching
  • Concrete crushing

Cost savings

Mobile material recycling extracts new value from on-site materials, often delivering specified quality with significant savings compared to imported materials

Environmental gains

Reusing site-won material provides circular economy benefits to projects, measurably extending sustainability advantages

Geographical reach

With offices and facilities in key centres around regional Queensland and the Northern Territory, we provide competitive services across a vast area

real results

Soil screening and manufacturing

On-site soil screening and manufacturing are powerful ways to convert site-won materials into beneficial products. These can be augmented with the amelioration and nutrients required to meet project specifications, backed by initial and validation testing. This includes requirements such as particle size, texture, microbiology and more. Soil manufacturing services include recovery, processing, screening and amendment of organics. Our team can work with soil moved by project teams or provide earthworks support before screening begins. Our in-house expertise in agronomy provides added quality assurance and compliance certainty.


top soil per day




Our mobile equipment provides a complete mulching service, whether for on or off-site reuse. With highly skilled operators and an extensive fleet of plant and equipment, Vereco offers all site clearing services to optimise the recovery of materials for beneficial reuse. We can also work with pre-cleared site material, providing fast, effective processing services to free sites for follow-on trades. Mulching is again able to be delivered to specified standards, offering cost-savings and a strong environmental story for local communities and other stakeholders.

Concrete crushing

Mobile concrete crushing is an effective way to manage concrete disposal while creating economic value. Our services provide a full solution including the plant and equipment, operators, specification skill and site compliance experience needed to turn waste into a beneficial product. This includes road base aligned to specifications and products such as drainage materials and oversize.

Concrete crushing

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