Through our previous business, Lanyonscapes, our team has been delivering lasting results for the resources sector since 1985. This work has included mine sites, mine infrastructure such as rail loops, creek diversions, oil and gas projects, refineries and more.

Progressive and closure rehabilitation is a central feature of our large-scale revegetation landscaping, earthworks and organics supply services. We offer the speed and scale needed to address significant areas quickly, designed to suit the native landscape and end-use objectives of a site. For this, our role often starts early on as we help clients develop a solution that will satisfy environmental and operation goals in parallel.

Our team has delivered for the resources sector since


Vereco’s advantages for resources clients

  • Progressive and closure rehabilitation
  • Proven skill with site compliance
  • Experienced optioneering
  • Extended environmental wins
  • In-house supplied materials

Having worked with multiple resources teams, we understand the importance of site compliance with a focus on safety and working within regulated specifications. This includes environmental expectations around rehabilitation as well as wider operational performance requirements such as fleet movements, dust suppression and more – always with local communities in mind.

Resources sites often have available fleet and site-won materials. We welcome the opportunity to use our extensive experience to help resources projects unlock savings while achieving objectives by working with, and making the most of, what is available. Our team draws on what we know will work to define the best solution within budget parameters.

With growing scrutiny on environmental performance and sustainability, a key way we help clients drive positive outcomes is by maximising the reuse of site-won material as well as achieving rehabilitation goals. Our mobile screening capability in particular helps project teams convert even degraded soil into healthy growing media.

In addition to site-won material, our in-house manufactured products provide staples that ensure lasting revegetation results. For example, our compost offers high organic content and an overall nutrient profile that effectively and measurably overcomes the challenges of highly degraded soils. This is essential to achieving any rehabilitation outcome by improving soil quality. Paired with our ability to supply and apply products such as gypsum and tailored seed mixes, we offer mass delivery-results with a tailor-made mindset.

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