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  • Revegetation landscaping and rehabilitation

Central Queensland

This project diverted more than 10km of creek around a mining lease. Our client wanted to deliver a stable, self-functioning ecosystem, with a key focus on biodiversity.

To support their objectives our work on the Blackwater Creek Diversion featured revegetation and rehabilitation services. Starting with our soil amelioration expertise, we provided:

  • Almost 180 hectares of hydromulching and hydroseeding
  • Installation of more than 33,000 endemic tubestock plants
  • Laying of more than 1,000,000 m2 of jute mesh on 1:3 batters.

Our team overcame challenges such as steep batters, some of which were more than 50 metres deep. The contract included three years of monitoring and maintenance services to meet State Government environmental requirements.

The results have stood the test of time, with the environment today exemplifying natural vegetation.

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