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site size

11.3km of full scope main roads landscaping specification

  • Bulk haulage and earthworks
  • Bulk organic and other landscape supply
  • Revegetation landscaping and rehabilitation

Mackay Isaac Whitsunday

The Mackay Ring Road project featured 11.3km of full scope Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) landscaping specification. Our client was seeking a practical solution to the original design while conforming to DTMR’s specification in a high rainfall environment and upholding strict safety requirements.

The core of our solution was to convert large areas of revegetation scope to an organics blanket application. This overcame wet weather issues while still delivering the required end vegetation goals of the project. In addition to extreme weather events, our team faced challenges such as working on and around steep constructed fill batters.

In total, we successfully delivered 35ha of hydromulching, 11ha of organics blanket and comprehensive subsoil amelioration. The results were recognised for their quality – delivered within budget and requiring minimal ongoing maintenance.

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