Work set to start on critical infrastructure project

The Rockhampton Yeppoon Duplication project is set to become a showcase in the benefits of circular economy planning for infrastructure projects through the delivery of Lanyonscapes’ revegetation landscaping package.

The Lanyonscapes team proudly won the project’s full scope of landscaping works including site soil manufacture, ground preparation, soil amelioration, top soil installation, bio-basin installation, planting, hydromulching, organics blanket installation, watering, and monitoring of establishment and ongoing growth.

The project, which features 7km of road duplication to MRTS specification, will benefit from the on-site manufacture of 17,000m3 of top soil, maximising reuse.

Another highlight is the delivery of 3ha of organics blanket and 13ha of hydromulch, both of which will use Lanyonscapes’ high-grade OG36 compost.

CEO & Founder, Scott Verrall, said the circular economy advantages have economic and sustainability benefits.

“Green waste from across the Mackay region goes into the production of our OG36 compost, which forms the backbone of many of our revegetation projects,” Scott said.

“For the Rockhampton Yeppoon Duplication, new vegetation will literally form out of cleared vegetation, offering the most sustainable approach to greening our infrastructure projects,” he said.

“Our team is proud to be contributing our compost and turning that into new value for our client’s project team.”

In addition to the revegetation scope, Lanyonscapes will deliver 23ha of subsoil amelioration and preparation prior to top soil installation, alongside 2.5ha of turf installation.

The top soil will be produced on site using Lanyonscapes’ soil screening equipment, with tailored amelioration ensuring a final product that conforms to the project’s specification.

Delivery is anticipated to start in April 2024.

With the site needing to conform to specific, strict specifications, quality assurance as well as cost-effective and timely delivery are paramount.

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